10 Short Stories in 10 Weeks


by Joey Davidson

We’ve been stuck down here for years.

Actually, it’s been 1,181 days exactly since Maggie called home from the grocery and told us to make our way down into the shelter.

“Get out of the house and into the bunker, Roger. We’re being attacked.” I’ve heard her voice saying those words over and over since she hung up.

She’s the one that insisted on building the damn thing. Her paranoia got the best of the argument one day, and we wound up digging a massive hole in our back yard.

Then came 1962. Kennedy was dealing with the Cuban Communists as they argued over whether or not the island had missiles trained on our cities. They did. And as my wife Mags rushed to a payphone that afternoon to call us at home, the Reds must’ve gotten tired of talking.

My daughter and I made it into the bunker. Maggie did not.

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The 10 Short Stories in 10 Weeks Challenge

by Joey Davidson

Welcome to what I’m haphazardly calling the 10/10 Challenge. I really don’t feel like typing out “10 Short Stories in 10 Weeks Challenge” every time we address the project.

The Basics

For 10 weeks straight, the writers have been challenged to create a short story based on a pre-determined setting and theme. Each story will be posted here on this blog, and they will all be open to discussion, critique and assistance.

The Guidelines

Short stories, as decided by some random search result on Google, should be limited to 7,500 words. But please remember, 7,500 is the limit, not the goal.

Each story has been written with sights set on proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. However, we’re not all career writers, so make sure you take it easy on those exhibiting mechanical problems. If they’re looking for grammatical help, lend it; otherwise, be sure to focus on the content of their work.

The Themes

Week 1 | Setting: Post-apocalypse. Theme: Horror.

Week 2 | Setting: Suburbia. Theme: Myth.

Week 3 | Setting: Pirate. Theme: Occult revenge.

Week 4 | Setting: Alternate history. Theme: Romance.

Week 5 | Setting: Contemporary Metropolitan. Theme: Reality-is-a-dream.

Week 6 | Setting: Space opera. Theme: Fall from greatness.

Week 7 | Setting: World War II. Theme: Slice-of-life.

Week 8 | Setting: 1960s America. Theme: Substance abuse.

Week 9 | Setting: Science-fiction. Theme: Quest.

Week 10 | Setting: Utopia western. Theme: Race against time.

The Schedule

Week 1 starts on August 14th with the first story due on August 20th. Week 2 starts on August 21st and ends on August 27th. Rinse, repeat.

Questions, comments, concerns?